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After School

Contact Simone LeConte with any questions.

After School Enrichment (ASE)

The PS11 PTA runs an after school enrichment program.  A brochure is available for you to download. 


After School Enrichment Brochure Winter 2014

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If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Simone LeConte directly at 917-601-4484 or

Thank you.

Simone LeConte


After School Enrichment Director &


PTA Co-Vice President

12-Week Program
Jan 6 - April 11

Session 1: 3:15 – 4:15pm
Session 2: 3:15 – 4:30pm
Session 3: 3:15 – 5:00pm
Session 4: 4:00 – 5:30pm
Session 5: 4:15 – 5:15pm

*Note: Piano and Guitar lessons do not follow the above session schedule.


New! Trendy Threads: With Hobby Quest

Calling all future Fashion Designers and Runway Walkers! Are you ready to use your imagination and put your creativity to work to create your very own one-of-a-kind clothes? Sketch and design 2 projects like a dress, jacket, shrug, shirt, or skirt and model your designs at the end-of-the-semester runway show!

Grades 2-5 (Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm)           G-5             $180


Decorating Delights: With Wendy Watel-Burno

Join baker Mom Wendy in a hands-on food decorating class.  Pre-made, nut-free pastries and treats will be decorated with seasonal themes.
Grades PK, K, 1 (Friday 3:15-4:15pm)             G-15           $170

Grades 2-5 (Friday 4:15-5:15pm)                    G-15           $170


Kids and Clay: With Private Picassos

Private Picassos brings the best of the art studio directly to you. We believe that everyone is an artist and can create beautiful, interesting artwork when given the correct tools. Young artists will explore air-dry clay through a variety of hand building techniques, creating their own unique sculptures.

Pre-K, K (Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm)                G-17           $170


Have fun with Hip Hop Dance:

In this Hip Hop Dance class, students will learn, have fun, and add their own style to the class. We build confidence by focusing on strength building and flexibility as well as character development. Continuously changing, Hip Hop dance allows students to dance with a unique personal style. There will be a grand performance at the end of the session.  

Grades 1-2 (Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm)           Auditorium $160

Grades 3-5 (Wednesday 4:15-5:15pm)           Auditorium $160


Ballet Dance: With Brooklyn Ballet

This class will introduce students to basic ballet technique.  They will learn proper body placement, leaps, turns, and jumps. Students will learn how to move rhythmically to various musical genres with choreographed dances. There will be a grand performance at the end of the session.

Pre-K, K (Thursday 3:15-4:15pm)                    Auditorium          $160

Grades 1-5 (Thursday 4:15-5:15pm)               Auditorium          $160


The Art of Weaving: With Weaving Hand

We embrace cultural weaving traditions while celebrating a fusion of ideas and techniques. Student will learn the art of weaving while creating a work of art in a fun environment. Students work at their own pace on individual looms. Once they start, students won’t want to stop. Their excitement and dedication to their craft will be just as colorful as the weavings themselves.

Grades 1-5 (Thursday 3:15-4:15pm)               G-5             $170


Drama: With Mrs. Williams

Builds Confidence and Self Esteem, Encourages Team Work & FUN!!! Children will explore their imagination and learn how to communicate their ideas through telling stories, improvisation, and by portraying characters. Students will have the opportunity to perform a fictional role in our own stage production at the end of the workshop.
Grades 1-5 (Friday 4:15-5:15pm)                    Auditorium          $160


Singing: With Mr. Jones of Young Voices Big Sounds

Students learn about vocal technique, rhythm, melody, and harmony while practicing and performing as the dynamic “PS11 Young Voices Chorus.”  Our goal is to develop strong singers who perform fearlessly and joyfully alongside their peers. We sing songs that are a mix of new and old, from pop songs to classic R&B hits.  There will be a grand performance at the end of the session.

Pre-K, K (Tuesday 3:15-4:15pm)                     Auditorium          $160

Grades 1-5 (Tuesday 4:15-5:15pm)                Auditorium          $160


Photography: With Mr. Gamble

“Brooklyn Marvels”: An introduction to Photography portraying sites of Brooklyn, “elements of art,” and fundamentals of the photographic process in color.  Students will complete final prints portraying their perspective on various Brooklyn historical locations such as Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park, etc.  Students will photograph, process, and print their own images and make them come to life—visually.  A digital camera is required. This class meets for 105 minutes each week.

Grades 1-5 (Monday 3:15-5:00pm)                 Room 208           $190


Musical Instrument Instruction

All of our instrument instruction will be offered between 3:00-5:00pm in small groups of 3-5 students or private sessions (guitar only). Classes are open to all age groups and grades at PS11. **Please note: The length of the lesson time will depend on the number of students in each group. **Parents of registered students will be notified of the exact time slot of their child’s lesson no later than the 2nd week of classes. **


Piano: With Mr. Oleg of Piano School of NYC

Our Small Group Philosophy creates a comfortable and fun environment for young students to become curious about Music through the Piano! Children learn age-appropriate Music & Piano skills such as introduction to Piano, listening, singing, clapping, note reading & writing, Music Theory, Music History and more. We offer all participating students an opportunity to perform in our annual Spring Recitals at a location in Brooklyn.

Tuesday or Wednesday Between 3:00 and 5:00** Room G-36          $200

Guitar:  With Mr. Oleg

Sign your child up for private guitar lessons with Mr. Oleg, Piano School of NYC’s talented instructor. Each one-on-one lesson will last 20 minutes, during which time your child will learn to play chords and simple songs with proper guitar technique. Instrument is provided for in-class instruction. It is recommended that families acquire a guitar for practice at home. Beginner sessions are 20 minutes at $25 each session.

Mondays or Thursday between 3:00 and 5:00**     Room G-36 $300



New! Journalism: With Pamela Jouan

Learn the art of journalism as you report first hand on stories of interest to you and your peers.  Articles will be printed in a special edition of a PS11 Newsletter that will be made available at the Enrichment Showcase. Now is your chance to learn more about this exciting field and have fun as well.

Grades 2-5 (Thursday 3:15-4:30pm)               Room G-17 $170


New! Tutoring with Tomlin

Thinking of tutoring but can’t fit it into your busy schedule? That’s where Ms. T comes in. Ask her about that difficult math problem! Ask her about those difficult reading strategies! She’s here to help.  Tutoring with Tomlin is the remedy for those frustrating late night homework sessions.

Grades 3-5 (Wednesday 4:15-5:15pm)           Room 303  $200


New! SciGirls: With Ms. Tommaselli

The goal of this STEM program is to get girls building! If a girl can dream it, she can build it!  We will spend each session designing and building amazing things that demonstrate engineering and science principals.  SciGirls is sure to inspire our future generation of female engineers.

Grades 2-5 (Thursday 4:00-5:00pm)               Room G-4            $170


Junior First Lego League: With Ms. Tommaselli

Beginning Robotics. If your child likes building and exploring, then this is the right class! Students will learn about the exciting fields of engineering and technology while embracing their natural curiosity. The class introduces challenges to be solved by imagination, critical thinking, and research. Students work with LEGO elements and moving parts while learning team building and presentation skills. This class meets for 90 minutes each week.

Grades 1-3 (Monday 3:15-4:45pm)                 Room G-4            $190


French: With Brooklyn Beanstalk

This class incorporates language routines (expression of general greetings or daily communication) through songs, acting, games or dances in an age appropriate level and involves a specific subject of exploration story telling and crafting.

Pre-K, K, 1st Grade (Tuesday 3:15-4:15pm)    Room G-17 $160


Spanish Language: With Brooklyn Beanstalk

This program is designed as a full linguistic learning experience
using visual and physical cues to help children understand.  For this cycle, the theme will center around an exploration of our body, the way it works, and changes everyday and over time. (Students will integrate generic vocabulary through circle time, greetings, songs, rhymes, etc. and will explore new themes through book reading, movement activities, etc.) 

Pre-K, K, 1st Grade (Monday 3:15-4:15pm)     Room G-17 $160

New! Grades 2-5 (Monday 4:15-5:15pm)        Room G-17 $160


Chess: With Mr. Wright of Learning Through Chess

Through chess, children develop fundamental lessons of life. Enlighten concentration, logical thought, foresight and planning, pattern recognition as well as developing creative solutions. This class teaches self-discipline and taking responsibility through the game of Chess. Come learn to strategically maneuver knights, rooks, kings, queens and CONQUER!

Pre-K, K (Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm)                         Room G-15 $160
Grades 1-5 (Wednesday 4:15-5:15pm)                    Room G-15 $160


Hands On Science Adventures: With Ms. Villegas

It’s where all “I wonder...” questions are answered. We will encourage the sciences in your child by sparking their imagination. Students will conduct cool and exciting experiments, explorations in the garden, and discovery of animal facts while observing animal behavior. This is the place to encourage your child’s curiosity while enforcing scientific concepts.

Pre-K, K (Monday 3:15-4:15pm)                      Room G-6   $160


Trout Club: With Ms. Villegas

Raise trout from eggs to fry (small trout) in our science lab! Students will monitor tank water quality, learn to appreciate water resources, foster a conservation ethic, and grow to understand the New York State watersheds as the resource for our drinking water.  All “Trout in the Classroom” students will participate in a Spring field trip to release the trout into our water supply.  On that trip, the children will be exposed to upstate reservoirs and engage in a stream habitat study while hiking the watershed and collecting invertebrates.  This program is made possible with funds from the Catskill Watershed Corporation in partnership with New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Grades 3-5 (Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm)                Room G-6   $160



Circus Acrobatics: With Brooklyn Beanstalk

Our classes introduce students to a range of Circus Arts disciplines including acrobatics, juggling, balance and physical comedy in an age appropriate level.
While learning to master new skills, children develop a sense of self-confidence, creativity and collaboration with each other in a non-competitive way and discover how their imagination is shaping the circus world.
Grades K, 1 (Friday 3:15-4:15pm)                   Auditorium $170
Grades 2-5 (Tuesday 3:15-4:15pm)                Auditorium $170


Basketball:  With Coach Shawn
Does your child want to learn the game or become an even better player? 
If so, then this is for you.  In this comprehensive instructional basketball program, your child will learn all the fundamentals of the game.  Kids will receive small group and some individual instruction as well as real-game full court experience.  They will learn discipline and sportsmanship in a fun and competitive environment.  Regardless of the skill level, this program will be
a benefit to his/her game.

Grades 2-5 (Monday 3:15-4:15pm)                 Gym           $170


Tennis: With Coach TJ of Jr. Tennis Clinic

Dedicated to providing quality tennis instruction to culturally diverse, inner-city youth as a tool that supports and enhances their personal growth, physical health and academic achievement. Structured tennis instruction is an excellent vehicle for building character, developing discipline, and promoting physical fitness and mental alertness. Please note that all participants must be at least 6 years old.

Grades K, 1 (Tuesday 3:15-4:15pm)                Gym           $160

Grades 2-5 (Tuesday 4:15-5:15pm)                Gym           $160

Soccer:  With Super Soccer Stars!!

Our curriculum is specifically designed to improve the players’ balance and coordination, skill development and positional awareness. Our coaches will work with each child to improve their ball familiarity, their understanding of basic teamwork principals while instilling a love for the world’s most popular sport!
Pre-K, K (Thursday 3:15-4:15pm)                    Gym           $170

Grades 1-5 (Thursday 4:15-5:15pm)               Gym           $170


********************* IMPORTANT: **********************
Winter 2014 Online Registration begins at 8:00am on December 19th and will continue until Friday, January 3rd. No registrations will be accepted before this time.  If you know that you are leaving town for the holidays and will have limited access to a computer, please register before your leave.  Under no circumstances can we hold any class spots. No telephone, email, or text message registrations will be accepted.


Registration Fee: There will be a $10 non-refundable registration fee required to enroll. 

Scholarships: The PTA awards a limited number of need-based partial and full scholarships to families interested in after school workshops on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please follow the directions when registering online. You will be notified if you do not qualify and if you have to submit payment. These payments must be submitted on or before January 3rd to maintain space in the workshops. Financial need will be determined by school lunch status. In order to maintain confidentiality, only school personnel will assist in determining those eligible for scholarships. Limit One Scholarship per child per cycle.


**NOTE: It is recommended that Scholarship Applicants register early since the number of scholarships is limited. The deadline for submission of Scholarship applications is Friday, December 20. Scholarship Applicants are also required to pay the $10 non-refundable registration fee.  All scholarship decisions are final.

Tuition Payment Policy: Registration is not confirmed until payment is received. Failure to make payment within 48 hours after enrollment will forfeit your slot in the class roster.  All classes must be paid for prior to the start of classes.

Refund Policy: Refund request must be made in writing.

Refunds will be granted using the following guidelines:
100% refund of tuition prior to the start of classes
75% refund of tuition during the first week of class
50% refund of tuition during the second week of class
No refunds will be granted after January 17th.


Snacks & Activities: Students waiting for their scheduled class or session to begin will be supervised by adults from PS11’s After School Enrichment Program and can have a snack, do homework, create artwork, or have outside playtime while waiting for their class to begin.


*Disclaimers: PS11 PTA has the right to cancel a workshop if it does not reach the minimum enrollment. The After School Enrichment Director will notify you before classes begin if you registered for a workshop that has been cancelled. You will have the option of choosing an available slot in another workshop or receiving a refund for that class.

We offer classes Monday through Friday! 

Class size is limited. Register early for as many workshops as you wish. Credit Card, Check, Money Order, or Cash payments accepted.

Contact Simone LeConte with any questions at 917-601-4484 or


*Note: Piano and Guitar lessons do not follow the above session schedule.