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A Message from Our Principal

I am honored you selected the Purvis J. Behan Elementary School as your home.  Each year, we look forward to an exciting and enriching learning experience for our students.  You have selected a school that believes in creating experiences full of challenge, adventure, inquiry, discovery, and just plain old fun!  Having you and your child join our family will make this journey that more exciting.  Each year is filled with activities and events to enrich, motivate and inspire our children – and parents.  We are proud to say, our students love it here... [more]


Volunteering - Sign Up!!

Lunch & Recess Volunteers 
ALWAYS needed and appreciated

Lunch period #1 11:05AM-11:55AM, Pre-K, Grades 1 & 2
(Pre-K students eat lunch in their classrooms.)
Lunch period #2 12:00PM-12:50PM; Grades 3, 4 & 5

Upcoming Events
*check back for additional volunteer opportunities or email

School Tours 2014 - 2015
All tours for this academic year have been completed.
Thank you for your interest in PS11.

Middle School Information

(4th, 5th grades)

Alain Beugoms, Assistant Principal, I.A.

C. Diane Nathaniel, Guidance Counselor 
718-638-2661 x2010

Student Government 2014 - 2015
The candidates gave their speeches.
They campaigned schoolwide.
They posted flyers.
The school population voted.

And our 2014 – 15 Student Government Officers are:
President - Kamora L.
Vice President - Naaja F.
Secretary - Soleil S.
Treasurer - Gabriel G.
Join me in congratulating our new officers and all candidates!
Congratulations to all elected officers and candidates.  
I look forward to working with our student leaders. 
Alonta Wrighton
Principal, Public School 11K

Join the PS11 PTA Listserve!

Join the PS11 community online. Get announcements and other important information via email. This is a private Yahoo group for current PS11 parents and caregivers.
Please send an email to:

Please include your name, your child(ren)'s name, and your child(ren)'s teacher. Applications will not be processed without this information.
A Message from Our PTA

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 School Year!

YOU are the PTA!

On behalf of the PS11 PTA Executive Board, we are delighted to welcome you all to the 2014 - 2015 school year. We continue to have many great initiatives underway and we have another great year ahead... [more]


PS11 Uniform
Mon - Thur:  White Tops, Navy Blue Bottoms
Gym Day:  White Tops or PS11 T-shirts, Red Bottoms, Sneakers
Fri:  Personal Choice Day

A Message from outgoing student Class President 2013 - 2014

Hey PS11,

For all of you who may not know who I am, my name is Imani D. , your 2013 - 2014 student body president.

PS11 is a very great learning environment.

The teachers are very nice and will push you to do your best.

Your experience here at PS11 will be AWESOME!

PS11 will be like your second home!

I enjoyed my time here at this school and will be sure to pop up at major school events to show my support .

I loved this school so much. I even recorded my first music video right here!!!

If you want to check it out, look up "Mani and Maiya Look at my Socks" on YouTube.

I want you to know that I am wishing you all the best this year .
Try your best!

Remember to respect yourself and others!

Always believe that you are awesome because you are!


Imani D.


Are you collecting Box Tops for school? Don't let clipping get you down! Ragged or trimmed (or really, really trimmed), they're all worth a dime.

Don't forget (while you're enjoying your week off) our school will be sending in the Box Tops that we have collected on Monday, March 2 for our Spring submission. Help us reach that goal and make our earnings check big by sending in your Box Tops.  It doesn't cost a thing.  Use the product list below to see what you may already have at home!

I’ll be COLLECTING Box Tops from the collection box outside the main office until Friday, February 27 so there is plenty of time to get me those Box Tops! If you have Box Tops you need to get to me, here are some optional tips that’ll make the submissionprocess easier:

• Bundle your Box Tops in groups of 10 or 50 using a sealable bag (ziploc) or envelope
• Tape or glue Box Tops on a collection sheet (see attached) (NO staples please)

For those who simply tear them off the package, be sure not to tear the Box Tops otherwise they won't be accepted when we submit them.  But no matter how you collect Box Tops, the most important part is to remember to bring them to school!  Once we send in all our Box Tops, our school will receive a check from Box Tops for Education™ and can use this cash to buy the things we need. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Mom to Kyla (5th) & Liam (K)
Making change for our school one dime at a time

Shop, Clip and Raise Funds for PS11 

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